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Dose Moving Company in Phoenix will exceed your expectations as your local moving company. From local moving services to statewide moving, packing and storage, our professional customer service and attention to detail will provide what you need. Our skilled professional movers, high standards of equipment maintenance, and highly-trained office staff are ready to handle any move you are planning. We provide all of our outstanding services at affordable rates for your convenience. Our local moving services checklist will help to keep you informed while also saving you money. Taking care of the details is our specialty. Let our many years of experience provide the comfort you need and we are happy to assist you with your next move. Our local moving services can be customized and adapted to fit your circumstances. We move families around the corner, across town, and across the state.mcp-service-image

Our moving services range from simple to the more complicated, depending on your specific situation. Dose Moving is a local moving company in Phoenix, who can customize your move to reflect the level service you desire.  Even if you’re moving across town, there are still logistics involved in a local move. Starting with your first consultation, your stress can be minimized by allowing us to take care of the details.

If you wish to make use of our various packing services, that is also available. We offer fragile-only packing, full-service packing, and custom crating for longer storage. Dose Moving can arrange storage options for you as well. We provide both temporary and permanent storage for your belongings during a move. Peace of mind knowing your personal belonging are secure can go a long way to making your move an easy transition.

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Pack & Move

Looking to move into a new home? It can be exciting to imagine yourself already living in your new place, but the act of packing up your belongings and getting them to the new property can be a daunting task. Many homeowners find that Scottsdale moving companies can offer them a number of benefits when it comes to moving comfortably! >> Read Further


Partial Move

By hiring movers, you can focus on details such as transferring your utilities or getting your deposit back rather than having to deal with the physical process of packing and transporting your belongings. If you are thinking of hiring a Mesa moving company, be sure to keep the following tips in mind. >> Read Further


Relocation Specialists

Short And Long Distance Moves- We can handle short and long distance moves with ease. It doesn’t matter if you need your belongings moved to a destination located a few miles away or many miles away. You can count on us to get your precious belongings from your current home or office to its destination. >> Read Further

Tips & Tricks

  • Hire Movers or Self-Move?
    Hire Movers or Self-Move?
    Hire Movers Or Self-Move? What You Need To Know It’s never easy to move to a new home. Trying to pack everything up, getting everything situated, move everything from one location to the other, it’s all a lot of hassle. It gets even worse if you have to move across the nation, because then you have hours upon hours to drive just to get all your stuff from one place to another. When you do...
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  • The Steps For Using A Local Moving Company
    The Steps For Using A Local Moving Company
    The Steps For Using A Local Moving Company When you move you should consider looking at using a local moving company. However, there are a number of steps that you should complete when using a moving company. These steps will help you choose the right company and ensure that your move is stress-free. Get Local Recommendations Before you hire a moving company you need to get recommendations from local sources. You should first look at...
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  • Finding Help With Loading a Truck
    Finding Help With Loading a Truck
    Finding Help With Packing In the course of a life in the modern life, many people find it essential to move for the sake of their careers and personal lives, whether as children following their parents across the world or simply moving to a new home after renting smaller places for years on end. Moving is hard on everybody involved, even small children who are barely aware that things are changing at all. Dealing with...
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  • Relocating Locally
    Relocating Locally
    Relocating Locally With A Moving Company In Your Area Do you need to find a moving company quickly? Will you be moving in the next few weeks? If this is the case, then you need to act quickly and finding one of these businesses. These companies can be extremely busy, usually booked solid several weeks out. That’s why you need to do your research and set your appointment as quickly as possible. Here are a...
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  • Phoenix Packing
    Tips for Packing and Moving
    For those who are about to face the first packing and moving of their life, the big question is how and what to do? Some Packing and Moving my business suited my business in a manner that I had to put them into this article. Here then are my top 6 packing and moving business tips that will get you organized and make your entire move anxiety free. Negotiate with the removals and ask all...
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