Is it Better to Hire Movers or Self-Move?

Having to move to a new place is a process, and everyone has at least some degree of uncertainty about how best to approach the job. If you are unsure about whether or not to try and move on your own, we can offer a few tips and pointers to make the decision a little easier.

Moving Yourself vs Hiring a Moving Company

Here’s what you need to know about deciding whether to hire movers or simply self-move. It’s never easy to move to a new home, especially having your family with you. Trying to pack everything up, get everything situated on a moving truck, move everything from one location to the other, it’s all a lot of hassle. It gets even worse if you have to take that truck and move across the nation, because then you have hours upon hours to drive just to get all your stuff from one place to another.

Moving Alone vs Hiring Movers

When you decide to move, you have one of two options. You can either move yourself, or you can hire movers. Either way, there’s a lot of potential difficulty, long packing, and heavy lifting involved. And of course, you have the added stress of trying to decide which course of action you’re going to pick.

We can Answer Your Questions

How do you choose between movers and doing it yourself for moves? What sort of factors should you consider in trying to decide on get a truck or moving yourself vs hiring a moving company, and what your options are when you finally make your choice? Our team of expert movers has offered their insights into when hiring movers might be ideal, versus when a diy move could be your best option, and the pros and cons of each. We want to help you have a stress-free move to as great an extent as possible, and these tips could help guide you throughout the process. The choice to move without help vs hiring movers can be a tricky one.

Choosing Between Movers And Self-Move

The first choice is whether to go with self-moving, or hire a mover. There are a number of factors to consider when you’re making this choice. Yes, it’s important to consider costs and budget, but the amount of time you have to complete the move, as well as whether or not you have enough people to help you feasibly complete the packing and heavy lifting of all your items throughout the diy moving process, with or without a truck rental, are important considerations as well for all moves. There may be pros and cons to each option that you are not aware of.

Limited Time to Complete your Move

First and foremost, how much time do you have? If you or your family have to get to your new house a long distance away very quickly due to work or some other time-sensitive situation, then you may need to hire movers. It takes a long time to move yourself, and hiring movers such as van lines means you can fly to your new place and get started on what you need to do right away. You will most likely want to hire professional movers in this case.

Having People Available to Help you Move

However, if you have a lot of time and plenty of friends, then diy self-moving might be a good way to save on costs. You will likely be packing your own items and belongings either way, once you’ve got it all packed you may as well load it all onto a truck yourself. This can take a lot of time, but you can probably ask friends and family to help you out with at least with the packing of items and heavy lifting to load them up. That can make the work of the diy move go by much more quickly. Make sure your friends and helpers are capable and taking care that your more valuable furniture and possessions don’t get damaged while moving large boxes and furniture to your house!

How Much Self-Moving Can Save Money

Are you working with a budget that requires you to keep the cost of moving to your new house as low as possible? Are you curious just how much money you can save on choosing to diy move rather than hiring movers to help you? The answer is, it depends on what you have to move and how long distance your move is. If you can ship your items or manage to get your belongings into your own vehicle or you have a friend with a moving truck, then you could save a lot of money on the cost of renting a moving truck, but renting a truck for moving versus locally moving with the help of professional movers is usually not a very significant difference in price, unfortunately for your budget.

Importance of Movers’ Insurance

In addition, hiring a moving company means your belongings will be insured by the company moving your stuff. If you or your friends break or lose an item or piece of furniture during a diy move, you’ll likely have to cut your losses for those items without insurance. But having a full service moving company allows you to have insurance that covers the costs of any boxes or items lost or damaged. This insurance can be a huge plus that makes hiring movers more worth the costs involved than you might initially consider, even if you are on a tight moving budget!

How Much Time Moving Takes

Even if you have chosen to hire professional movers to help with the heavy lifting of your move to the new house, you’ll likely be packing your belongings leading up to moving day. This is an important part of the moving process that you must not put off until the last moment. It is crucial that you start packing early, a few weeks for smaller homes and even months for larger ones, to ensure you and your boxes are ready for your movers lifting them or to load and unload your own truck on moving day. This process will likely be the same time and effort in both the cases of moving yourself vs hiring movers, unless you choose to have professionals help you pack as well.

Resources For Movers And Self-Moving

There are different options available to you for moving yourself and hiring a company. When it comes to truck rentals to transport you belongings and other services, it is good to know what you can do in one scenario but not the other as you consider hiring moving services or van lines. You’ll also want to determine the type of professional movers you’ll need to work with depending on the distance you are going and what type of moves you’re doing, in the case that you choose to go with hiring a company.

Renting Trucks for Moving

If you choose to diy move on your own, you may have some more limited options. U-Haul is a company that rents out trailers and trucks for moving at a regular cost, and it is the only major cross-country self-moving company. You can rent the truck or trailer from a location near you, and then drop it off at a location a short distance from your new home.

Variation in Moving Company Costs and Fees

If you choose to hire a mover, then you have a few more options. You need to make sure to do your research into the various local, large moving, or full service moving companies, and get a good idea of their cost and what services they offer. You might think all moving companies would offer services and allow you to rent a moving truck at approximately the same cost, but some companies charge different costs depending on what type of furniture items you have, or other various factors involved in moves.

Looking into the Reputation of the Movers

Make sure to get customer references as that will help you immensely in determining the reputation of the company. There are plenty of frauds in the moving industry, and you must take all necessary steps to avoid these. Verify that your company is licensed and has insurance, and make sure their clients have good things to say about them so that you can have peace of mind trusting them with loading and unloading your own household items and boxes in a moving truck. When hiring professional movers, be on the lookout for extremely low prices that seem to have no explanation, as this could be a sign of fraud.

If You are Moving Interstate

Hiring a moving company to move interstate is a bit more involved and intensive than just working with a local moving company to pack up your home or office and move a few blocks down the street, or even to a nearby city. Moving across states or across the country means you need to find a moving company that is licensed to move interstate, and will be able to move you through all the states you must travel through to reach your new place. Make sure you look into the licensing and insurance of the moving companies you consider, and verify that they will be licensed to move in those states before you start working with them.

If You are Moving Internationally

International moving as also pretty serious business! You’ll need to find an international moving company in this case. Finding an international moving business you can trust to handle your belongings across the world is even tougher, and you’ll want to thoroughly research a large number reviews and experiences past clients have had with the business you are considering at least before you decide to trust them.

The Higher the Stakes of Moving

The more intensive your move, the more a burden of stress having a good moving company to help will relieve from your shoulders. On the other hand, having a terrible moving company greatly increases the frustration and stress the more intensive your move and transporting your household items are. Be sure to take the time and research your options well!

Taking Time to Rest During the Move

When it comes to moving, especially long distance, there’s no reason to burden yourself more than you absolutely have to. Moving is already stressful, why add to it? Whether you choose to self-move or hire a mover, keep in mind that you’re going to need to take some time out to relax. Your move will go much more easily! Now that you’ve seen the pros and cons of hiring movers vs moving on your own, perhaps you have an idea what may be ideal for your move as you plan and pack.

Looking for a Great Moving Company in AZ?

Of course, the best way to ensure a stress-free move is to hire the right team to help you out! Finding a moving team that you can trust to get your belongings safely to your new home or office comes down to finding a local company with a good reputation.

Local Movers are the Way to go

You can find a local moving team you can trust for a very affordable price, and they may offer additional services or materials to help you pack and move that will make your moving and packing go more smoothly and lessen the likelihood of any loss or damage. This peace and reassurance is one of the best ways to guarantee a happy moving process, and thanks to experienced teams like Dose, both residential and commercial clients throughout Arizona have had a very successful moving experience and were glad they chose to work with us!

Contact us in the Phoenix area

If you are moving in or around the Phoenix area, Dose Moving Companies Phoenix is a reliable company of movers. Clients in throughout Arizona love working with us and trust our experienced mover team to get the job done right! If you are looking for a reputable, professional moving company to help with your move, talk to us today. We would love to offer you a free moving estimate on your move.

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