Tips for Packing and Moving

For those who are about to face the first packing and moving of their life, the big question is how and what to do? Some Packing and Moving my business suited my business in a manner that I had to put them into this article. Here then are my top 6 packing and moving business tips that will get you organized and make your entire move anxiety free.

Negotiate with the removals and ask all the right questions

Negotiations are not just about the cost – find out what is included and what is not. What type of packing boxes will be supplied and their sizes? What packing material will be supplied (e.g. bubble wrap, packing tape, Styrofoam, etc?

When to start packing

The “when” would depend on how big a home you have and how much help you can expect from your family members? The general formula that is prescribed is the number of rooms multiplied by 1.5. So, if you have five rooms, you start packing roughly a week before the actual move date. Of course, you won’t be spending the entire day packing. Most folks spend roughly half the day packing and the rest of the day is spent in continuing with their usual activity.

Order of packing

Start with items that are rarely used – this would include things like stereo systems, books, new couch or extra bed, elements in the guest room, spare curtains and so on.

When you’ve packed the items that are rarely used, move on to items that are infrequently used – things like the specialty kitchen equipment that you don’t use every single week, ice cream set, large vessels, and so on.

Two days before the move start packing everything. While doing this, set aside one box per family member. This box will hold toiletries and will also be the first box to be opened when they arrive at the destination.

Types of “Moving Boxes.”

If you are planning to office movers, call them up; complete the negotiations and request for the boxes. Generally speaking, boxes come in four sizes – 1.5, 3, 4.5 and six cubic foot. You should eyeball all the material you will be moving and arrive at a ballpark figure as to the size of box required and how many of each size. Once you arrive at the figures, multiple each by 1.5 so you would theoretically have 50% more than you require. But when you finish packing you will probably find you’ve used all the boxes!

Packing Materials

Apart from the boxes that the Zoom Business Relocations will supply, you will also need self-adhesive poly bags, bubble wraps, packing tape, Styrofoam balls, marker pens and labels.

Correct labeling

Make sure your label says which room the items came from, who they belong to and the contents. Since you probably know which room they should be put into at the destination, insert that information at the very top of the label because that is what you would need to know immediately on its arriving at the destination.

If everything is handled systematically, Moving Services Sydney is not a big deal at all – even for a large house.