Finding Help With Loading a Moving Truck

If you are in the process of moving, whether you are doing it on your own or hiring others to help, is a very large and difficult task. There are two major and distinct tasks to accomplish: packing and moving.

Doing it Alone vs Hiring Help

You may choose to accomplish both on your own, to pack up all of your own belongings and load up your own car or a rental moving truck to transport it all on your own. You may choose to hire a professional mover to load up and transport your belongings, but want to pack your own items up without help. You may also choose to hire professional packers to help you pack your belongings and furniture in a moving truck, but then you want to load and transport them on your own.

Insights from the Experts

Or, alternatively, you may choose to have both jobs handled by professionals to save yourself the time and hassle and free up your time. Whichever option you choose, our team of moving experts is here to offer valuable insights and tips for each step along the way and help you have the most successful move possible.

Finding Help With Packing

If you are in need of packing help, there are a few options available. Helpful tips can be found online for how to best accomplish the task on your own or with the help of friends, and you can get ahold of the right moving supplies to ensure you do it right, but the job will be time consuming and full of stress either way. There are also professional packing services and even unpacking available to you if you would rather not have to plastic wrap and pile it all into moving boxes yourself or if have less than enough time before moving day.

In the course of a modern life, many people find it necessary to move for the sake of their careers and personal lives, whether as children following their parents across the world or simply moving to a new home after renting smaller places for years on end.

Stress of Moving and Change

Moving is stressful for everybody involved, even small children who are barely aware that things are changing at all. Dealing with the stress and uncertainty of moving is not an easy task for anybody, but there is certainly packing help available for those who can afford the extra help, whether it’s simply buying packing tape and a few extra cardboard moving boxes cause you didn’t save enough boxes, or a full fledged moving crew to pack and move boxes of items large and small.

Organization is Key

To pack up one’s items and furniture into boxes for easy shipping to one’s new home, whether it’s a move across town or a move across the world, is often overwhelming and challenging. This is because, if you are relying on movers to load and unload your belongings, you must stay extremely organized in order to keep track of every item and make sure nothing goes missing or gets broken by the movers during the move, and use pads to protect delicate furniture. Some may not have the aptitude for this type of detailed organization. Some are intimidated by the sheer size of the task of having to pack everything they own into boxes and be sure to take care of each little box before loading it into a truck on the moving date.

Packing and Moving a Lot or a Little

Because modern people tend to accumulate so many possessions to make their lives more convenient and comfortable, it is unsurprising that most people have a wide range of items of various shapes and sizes, ranging from something simple like a set of cooking tools and storage space bins to elaborate personal works of art and massive entertainment centers. Getting all the items packed up and ready to move is a difficult task for everybody who takes on the job, and getting it done right is even harder. Even people with as few possessions and furniture as possible tend to encounter a great challenge when they start packing up their items and moving to a new location.

Professional Packing Services

Fortunately, help is ready to step in with local moving services and packing services. There are moving companies and smaller, more specialize services that will help customers pack up their possessions for moving. Some even provide moving supplies as part of packing help to make your task easier if you choose not to rely on their packing services or professional packers, or if your movers do not offer them. Here’s a couple of tips on hiring professional packers.

Concerns about Privacy

It can be a bit uncomfortable to openly reveal one’s more secret belongings and clothes, but help to pack them all up can definitely be a great deal of relief for everybody involved in the process of moving. Help to pack or with storage is generally a service of a moving company. These movers will also be professional workers in the field of lifting and loading the boxes and furniture into a truck so that it won’t tip.

Movers Packing and Moving Boxes

Many moving services offer packing help for an extra cost or (in the case of some established moving companies) as a free feature of their services to help people move out of their old homes. Other companies specialize in packing services alone, helping people pack up and secure their property without actually loading or moving it beyond the borders of the house.

Best Protecting your Possessions

These professionals generally know the best way to fill a box and take care to prevent boxes caving or damaging the property in the truck during the loading and the move. They also tend to know the best ways to wrap and pack up fragile objects in packing paper and tape or plastic packing supplies and secure them in boxes from being damaged during the move itself. There are a number of ways these professionals handle this job, and while the mathematics of weight may not be a factor, the physical properties of all manner of heavy, upright household furniture that could tip and the physical properties of packing materials to evenly wrap items in are factors in how these packers help people get ready for a move.

Ready to Get Packing

You might be ready to hire local packing services to help you with the process and get your stuff ready in time for loading each packed box into the truck on the moving date. Plan to book your packing help long enough in advance to give yourself time to get everything packed. If you do choose to pack on your own, there are tips online to guide you through the process and help you pack room-by-room and in the order of rooms least used first (the kitchen usually takes the longest, so be sure to allow enough time). The next great alternative if you don’t want to pack and move all that you own (maybe you are moving only temporarily), is to use storage services to keep your items.

Finding Help with Moving

Next on the list is to decide on your moving options and how you plan to handle loading a moving truck. If you decide to get a truck rental and load a moving truck on your own, we can offer some guidance on how best to pack a moving truck to protect your belongings so they don’t tip.

Truck Rental Options

If you are relocating locally and renting a truck to go from city to city, or stay within your current city, there are likely a number of truck rental options available to you from local moving companies and even materials like straps or pads to fill space. If you are planning an interstate move, then you will need a truck rental that can travel state-to-state. U-Haul is an example of this type of truck rental. There are also options for the size of truck you want, whether you want a small, large, or medium size truck.

How to Load a Moving Truck

If you are going to load the moving truck rental vehicle yourself, there are a few things you should know about how to start loading items in the safest possible way to protect all of your belongings. Use tiers of uniform height and no higher than three items. It is a good idea to put furniture and bulky items at the front of the truck and through the center to the back of the truck, and to put furniture items inside like drawers or mattress and box spring items perpendicular to the front of the truck rather than parallel (bed frames and box springs tend to be some of the heaviest, bulky furniture items and will fit easiest in the front anyway). You can put furniture like couches on their sides rather than upright to save space in the truck as well, especially if you have a small or medium size truck that doesn’t have a large space. It can also help to use tie-downs on the side of each wall to save space and prevent your heaviest items, furniture, and mattress so they don’t tip, shift, or damage other fragile items.

How to Pack a Moving Truck

The most important part of packing a moving truck like a pro is taking your time with deliberation and care. Load your heaviest items first in the rental truck, whether that’s heavy furniture, appliances, or tiers of heavy boxes, and you can put remaining heavy items or appliances of significant weight in the center of the back of the truck as well (put weight in an I formation). You should be sure to wrap items and tiers of boxes in appropriate packing materials, such as plastic wrap, stretch wrap, moving blankets, pads, or using straps to tie furniture and items in place on each side. Your boxes should all be taped securely shut with packing tape. Load items close together, next filling space between them with furniture pads or moving blankets, and put items of similar weight together (but keep the weight evenly distributed across both sides of the truck), being sure to tie furniture items with straps into place to the bottom or wall on the side of the truck as necessary. When moving a mattress and box spring, it’s a good idea to load and use straps to hold these items upright to keep bed frames, mattresses, and box springs secure from tipping and falling on more fragile items.

Professional Moving Services

If you would rather hire someone to help you load who knows best how to fill and pack a moving truck evenly instead of simply turning to a truck rental company, there are many great options out there for local movers! These professionals make moving much easier for you, making sure to take special care of all your items and secure them to load the truck in the best possible way. If you are looking to relieve yourself from the burden of loading a truck on your own for your next move, we recommend hiring professional moving services to help. Many movers are affordable and not significantly more costly than renting a truck and choosing to load yourself, while being much less effort and able to save a lot of time. How do you find the best movers to load the moving truck for you? Here’s a couple of tips!

Ask for Local Client Feedback

Talking to friends and neighbors can give you some names for good options for professional movers, and online reviews from local customers can give you a very good idea what people think of their quality of moving services before you hire them. This is a smart way to find the top local professionals to help you load your boxes of belongings and furniture up to move across town or to a new city.

Verify the Movers’ Background Information

Be sure to look into a few technical details concerning your moving company options before you choose one. Verify that they’re licensed to move in your state, or any other state you will be moving to, before you begin. You’ll also want to see what options for movers insurance, or what kind of insurance coverage they offer. Make sure there aren’t signs of fraud, such as suspiciously low rates or prolific negative client feedback (or the lack of any local client feedback at all). You want to be sure you can trust the movers with your furniture and belongings before you hire them to help you load a moving truck.

Ready to Get Moving

If you are ready to start the process and load the moving truck, we are here to offer help or answer any questions you may have along the way. We can offer a tip on any aspects of moving, and we can point you in the right direction whichever method of moving you’ve chosen to go with. Let us be your resource for your next move!

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